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 Rainbow Bridge


Life With Thymoma

21 Months and still going!

Marlo and Oliver



If you are trying to surrender your rabbit to us please be advised that we currently have a waiting list. Right now we are operating on the one out, one in policy. In other words, an adoption means an open space and the open space goes to the next surrender bunny on our list. If you want to get onto our list please email us at We need your rabbit's name, age, sex, whether neutered/spayed or not, reason for surrender and a phone number where we can reach you. We are an all-volunteer shelter so we will contact you as soon as we are able.

Virginia Rabbit Inc. is an all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned, neglected or abused rabbits and finding them loving forever homes.

Our secondary goal is to be able to help rabbits and their owners live quality lives together through education and guidance so that there would be fewer pet bunnies sitting in the area shelters. Unfortunately too many rabbits are often unwanted because their owners become overwhelmed or don't know how to solve behavior problems. We will happily offer our assistance to anyone experiencing medical, health or behavioral problems with their furry friend.

We do not take in "unwanted" rabbits but will provide assistance in helping you find an acceptable forever home for your pet. If you are looking to adopt, our shelter has rabbits of all sizes, breeds, ages and personalities ready to hop into your life! Our bunnies are already spayed/neutered, potty trained and socialized so the only thing you need add is love! Please call 478-4999 and leave a voice message. One of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.


Lop-ear Rabbit
Our shelter bunnies are patients of Dr. Bonnie Brown and
Drs. Fisher, Hulls, Fox, Partlow and Poutous

We highly recommend
these vets!


Rabbit eating hay
Are you feeding your bunny the right type and amount of food?

Click here to go to
Dr. Jill Partlow's (Pet Care Veterinary Hospital) Rabbit Food Pyramid

This handsome boy is Cinder....
read all about him here...
wild rabbit

ORPHANED BABY BUNNIES  in your yard? Click on the link to read all about wild bunnies and what to do should you find them.

Wildlife Rescue Do's and Don't's article with local wildlife rehabilitators phone numbers.

Wild rabbit at our backyard By:  Theryz (27-Apr-08)


New Support Group For Head Tilt Bunnies!

On the Wonk is a Yahoo group that has just been started to assist bunny parents with Head Tilt. Etherbun member Katy Hill has dealt with E. Cunniculi and inner ear infection causes of Head Tilt and found information to be a bit sparse. The aim of the group is to provide a support network for headtilt bunny owners. " The more information/experiences we can share, the better for our rabbits!" says Katy. We at Virginia Rabbit agree wholeheartedly!


This is Snowpea. An excellent article on Head Tilt can be found at The Missouri House Rabbit Society.


Here's a look at some of our past and present bunnies

We at VRI are passionately committed to improving the lives of abandoned house rabbits. We work hard each day to look past the easy solutions, opting instead for the one that will include a forever home.

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