Frequently asked questions

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How Much Does This Cost?

We charge a 35% head hunter fee on the presumed first year's full-time salary. So if we send you someone that's hired for $800 USD per month, their presumed first year salary is $9,600 USD. Our fee would be 35% of that, or $3,360. This is paid one-time. You never owe us again for this hire.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 90 days guarantee on new hires. If you hire someone and it doesn't work out within the first 3 months, we'll do a 2nd hiring round for the same role for free.

Why Hire In The Philippines?

After several years of hiring outside the USA for our own businesses, we've found that the Philippines had the perfect mix of labor cost, English quality, western culture fit, integrity, and talent availability.

What Happens If It Doesn't Work Out With A New Hire?

As we explained in our guarantee for new hires, we would hire someone else for you for the same role at no additional cost to you to ensure we hire an employee thats a good fit for you and your business. As for the first employee, we review his performance and may find job-placement for them elsewhere if his performance during his tenure with you reflects good-standing.

How Can I Place My Trust In An Employee So Far Away?

Like many U.S employees, a good amount of them work from home and are remote employees. Your virtual assistant new hire would be treated and managed very much the same way as any other U.S based remote employee working from home. To add, VARabbit carefully reviews each candidate's resume, validates their employee history, performs personality tests and conducts FBI-equivalent background checks with the Philippine's Department of Justice on all candidates in order to provide every single client of ours top-quality employees so that they may grow their business and reduce their overhead with peace of mind.

Top Talent

When you're already saving 80% on a hire, you can afford to choose the most experienced candidate.

Excellent English

Candidates that meet our standards are naturally fluent in both written and spoken English.

Your Timezone

All candidates from the Philippines and Latin America will work on your time zone.